Usmc Activities

Why did we have 3-5 USMC activities per day? How many is an appropriate number?

I think there were too many USMC activities each day. The cadets were overloaded with information. Also, it was difficult for staff to watch their basics during such group activities such as the LAVs and tanks, etc. Staff usually ended up in little staff groups, and basics milled all about the place with little to no supervision. There really wasn't anything to look forward to each day, because there was so much to do no one could really take it all in. And the constant excitement, lack of a reliable schedule (i.e. PT, breakfast, USMC activity, lunch, drill, dinner, flight timeā€¦) and continual dumping of new information exhausted everyone, including staff. It would be better to have 1 to 2 USMC activies each day and really take our time to learn and enjoy them, than to be in a constant rush to get through and move on to the next thing. Also, we would have more time for things like drill and flight competitions then. ~C/2d Lt Larson

Agreed. We do have to set the schedule based around an LOI (letter of instruction) that we get from the Marines, telling us where and when. But we should only have one or two per day and then specified blocks of drill, academic, flight time, etc. Me and Baughman felt that with so little time to actually train face-to-face that it wasn't worth it to do determine for the flight staff what to do, so we just gave as much flight time as we could.
C/Col Feinstein

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