USAF/USMC Personnel

What was the interaction with military personnel?

Who thought the USMC people were awesome? Was Maj Moore a good factor for cadet/SM staff?

I think our interactions with the military personnel went quite well this year. We just need to make sure we don't get another person like a certain drunk marine that we had last year. Without Kier around to kick tail, I don't know how well we'll be able handle something like that again next year. We have to make sure the basics aren't around any of that ((DDR and all that jazz… If we keep telling them servicemen have to stay clean and drug free, then a drunk marine walks by… Well, they're going to start thinking things…))
Major Moore was awesome and I think he had a very positive influence on both cadets and senior members.
Just my two cents. ~C/Capt Baughman

Maj Moore was the reason that we had to "look both ways before yelling at a basic" — or at least that is my understanding of the situation. I think this will be fixed if we have the set of standing orders signed by the encampment commander and ALFO (Air Force Liasion Officer- Maj Moore) so that we know what we can and can not do.
C/Col Feinstein

I thought Maj Moore was great, and I truly enjoyed talking to the Marines. They were awesome.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

I had to attempt to avoid Maj. Moore all week, he's the one that said our jodies were hazing, addressing cadets with a tone of anger was hazing, saying "cadet" instead of "cadets" was hazing, etc, etc, etc. I kept getting in trouble with him.

As per the marines, most of our interactions with them were good, except we females did have a few bad run-ins with the female marines who slept in the other half our our barracks (wanting us to clean up after them in the bathroom, telling us not to wake the basics loudly so they could sleep, etc.) ~C/2d Lt Larson

Well, the Marines had come back from training untill 0400. Our little training means nothing to those who are actually defending our right to live the way we do. Any issues with female marines needed to have been addressed through Lt Cole (were they?)
Not to belittle what we did, but it's the truth. Being in the Navy gives me even more respect for the USMC.
MIDN 4/c Feinstein, USNR

Yes, you are correct in that their training was more important than ours. Perhaps next time we can try to get barracks that aren't shared with marines?
Lt Cole wasn't there during the one instance I am refering to about having to clean the bathroom after the marines trashed it (neither was I, but that night when I debriefed our flight staff they told me about it) but we told her about it and after that she interceded for us, for which we were very thankful. Lt Cole definitely (if possible) needs to come back next year as deputy commander or commandant of cadets or something important! ~ C/2d Lt Larson

Don't know if you guys know this, but we were about to be completely, 100% shut down on Friday. Maj Dabney had to call the NHQ cadet program staff and obtain special permission ot be in barracks with Marines. If we were denied, then we would have sent everybody home.
Lt Cole was on special assignment from the USMC. She would have to check again, but the USMC higher ups did want her there in 2009.
And as I said before in this wikidot, the SM deputy commander should be renamed the vice commander.
C/Col Feinstein

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