Staff Training

RST was awesome. It needed to be finalized earlier and the info sent out to the cadet staff earlier.

SMs need to come to RST and ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE instead of sitting around with thier thubms up thier butt.

Ideas from C/Col Feinstein:

  • The staff training weekend was a big success. It needed to be announced earlier so that more staff can be able to attend.
  • Check the availability of central location in North Carolina
  • Magic word- safety!
    • Cadet staff can feen off SMs if they declare something the SM wants them to do as a safety hazard. In Faulks's story, he could have told the SM that there were basics waiting outside the chow hall in the sun, getting dehydrated and he wanted them to get inside.
  • TAC officers should go through the same training as line staff
  • Staff meeting at someone‚Äôs house the day before encampment- a chance to finish final items before basics arrive
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