Staff Room

Okay, one problem with encampment was that there was nowhere for staff to go when they weren't actively involved with the cadets. We had cadets in our barracks, cadets in our halls, cadets outside, cadets EVERYWHERE! They were like mice, anywhere and everywhere. Staff who weren't doing a job mainly hung out and chatted in the hallways, and that was really bad. While chatting, staff didn't have military bearing. Basics would pass us and see us chatting and just hanging out, and then they didn't see us as an invincible, tough machine anymore (which is how basics ought to see their staff). They saw us as humans. My suggestion for this is that a room (like that break room) is appointed "Staff Room", and basics are NEVER allowed in there, but staff can go in there to hang out, talk, goof off, relieve frustrations, etc. Essentially, to be human, without losing the respect of the basics.
C/2d Lt Larson

Hopefully we are not in those barracks again. In the SOP, we can not say that the barracks we had were bad because that might not apply to next year. We would need to say "the cadet staff need to make a staff-only room regardless of what the situation is.
C/Col Feinstein

Exactly, which is why I didn't put this under "Barracks". Staff need a "staff only" room no matter what.
C/2d Lt Larson

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