Staff Oath

Did this work? We needed more practice with the formation/staff "charge".

The biggest problem was, we FORGOT to actually SAY the oath. And the formation was a pain. We need to figure out a better way to do that. I think it would be better to just have the staff line up in front of their flights/squadrons, instead of trying to simulate a formation. ~ C/2d Lt Larson

Something I'd like to add to the whole idea of a staff oath…
Before the oath basics should be treated as just that - Basics. They're not OFFICIAL members of their flights yet, they are merely setting up bunking in that flight's area. Most importantly, they should not know who their squadron/flight staff are yet. The big moment when they find out should be at the staff oath when we sign our lives away for a week saying that we vow to take care of these basics as if they were our own children. At the climax of all this they finally find out who their mothers and fathers will be all week long.
Just an idea of mine. ~C/Capt Baughman

Someone will have to fill us from the front gate in, but didn't this already happen? My understanding of the day was basics didn't know their flights/squadrons till that first formation when thier staff descended upon them from behind the exec staff.
C/Col Feinstein

Oh, really? I wouldn't know since we were up at the front gate but I didn't think it was the case. ~C/Capt Baughman

The front gate was so much fun. I love being called Chief. -C/Col Feinstein

Oh yeah, the front gate WAS fun. Muhahahaha!!!
Except basics kept calling me sir (which was worse than sgt or chief - the other two names I was given)… I was called 1st Sgt only like twice the entire morning, by a basic. Anyway, yeah, I definitly like the idea of basics not knowing who their staff are until the staff oath. The problem is, then how do we get them outside and formed into flights? ~ C/2d Lt Larson

By color? C/Col Feinstien

And who, if the staff aren't "assigned" to their flights yet, will be the one gathering up the basics and escorting them outside, and actually forming them into flights? There is no way these basics will be able to get themselves outside, and formed into flights, in the right spot, using just the colored tape on their covers. ~ C/2d Lt Larson

So, what we have here is:

  • We need to actually SAY the oath
  • Basics should not know who their flight staff are until after the oath

We still need to figure out how to get the basics formed up into flights. Who will put the tape on their hats? Who will form them up?
~C/2d Lt Larson

Each flight should have one chief or SMSgt basic. Covers will be given out with tape at in-processing to the basics. Have that basic fall in everyone with the same color (we would have to tell them how many they have to be accountable for). Then the staff can walk into the backwards formation and then do operation staff oath.
C/Col Feinstein

Sounds good. Since that basics will have won the other basics' respect right off (hopefully), maybe they would be a good choice for first element leader of the flight…
~C/2d Lt Larson

Yes. The XO and Admin officer needs to make sure that there is someone that is competent in each flight to fall them in. These competent people can be provided to the line staff for use during in-processing.
C/Col Feinstein

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