We only had a limited time for showers plus cleaning. Basics need to be given less time for a shower.

i didn't like the shower situation, mainly because of health reasons.
The longer a person is given to shower the cleaner he/she is going to get and the less likely he/she is likely to get sick.
-C/SMSgt. Toby Morgan

Theres not always enough time for showers. A basic can get sufficiently clean in three minutes.
-C/Col Feinstien
i would agree that 3 minutes is good time but i'm pretty sure the longest i got was a 1 1/2 minutes.

Showers would get cut short due to SMs being late, transportation/food issues, or flight staff not going in thier assigned slot. Next year, we will have to get a support staff member (probably admin or logistics) to call time for the flights.
-C/Col Feinstein

My flight took very little time to shower. From the time we walked into the head, to the moment our flight exited the head was four minutes. We had 16 basics in our flight (I was one of them) and I had very little trouble getting clean in that amount of time.

The only thing I couldn't understand was that we were forbidden to put our towels, dry cloths, etc on the counters, and instead had to place them on the wet bathroom floor. I used my shower shoes as a small dry place I could put my stuff on top of, but this meant I couldn't actually use them in the shower (completely defeats the purpose of shower shoes). I recently spoke with another flight's flight sergeant and he said that he didn't make his flight do this. What was the point?
-C/TSgt Daniel Otto

I think, if a flight get through the showers in five minutes, that should majorly count towards honor flight of the day.
~C/2d Lt Larson

So what we have here is:

  • Basics should have two minutes to shower. If they can do it faster, great.
  • Support staff needs to call shower time for flights
  • Clothes and towels should be allowed to be placed on the counters during showers
  • Short showers should gain bonus points toward honor flight of the day

Anything else?
C/2d Lt Larson

Yes, I agree that shower time should be something that is reported daily to the SET team, and is counted towards or against honor flight, depending on how short or long it takes.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

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