September 6

SOP Team Meeting #1
Meeting started at 1527

Roll Call
The following SOP team members were present for the meeting:
C/Col Barry Feinstein
C/Lt Col James Flanagan
C/Capt Zachary Baughman

Direction Statement by C/Col Feinstein
The SOP is what we did at encampment with our recommendations and changes for next year. The wikidot will be the main vehicle by which we discuss ideas and what happened. At the end of the process, each person in charge of a section will synthesize all ideas in their section and present a final document for the SOP.

Announcement of Project XO
C/Capt Baughman was announced as the project XO.

Top Bar Menu: Each project member will be responsible for a section of the Wikidot's Top Bar Menu. They will monitor all discussion within their section and put together relevant information to form plans at the end of the process.
C/CMSgt Harford will be responsible for the Cadet Staff section
C/Lt Col Flanagan will be responsible for the Encampment Personnel section
C/2d Lt Larson will be responsible for the Encampment Operations section
C/Maj Padleckas will be responsible for the Encampment Training section

By-Laws and Operations Committee
C/Col Feinstein will create the by-laws/operating rules for the SOP team and will present them for a vote at the next meeting.

After Action Report (AAR) Committee
C/Capt Baughman is the chairman for the AAR Committee and is looking for members to join the committee. This committee will combine all submitted AARs into a single document and note how many people noted each good or bad thing in their AAR. The committee will combine relevant details and delete redundant ones.

Good/Bad/Idea Lists
All SOP team members should upload their lists to the Wikidot at C/Capt Baughman’s list was read with no additional comments.

Everyone must begin discussions and plaster all of their ideas over all of the sections. All members are allowed to edit and create pages for the wikidot. You are allowed to edit the top bar menu to add pages to any section. If you are confused about how to edit the Top Bar Menu, then talk to C/Col Feinstein.

Meeting concluded at 1548

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