September 19

Encampment SOP Meeting #2
19 Sep 2009
Meeting began at 1501

The following members of the Encampment SOP team were present
C/Col Feinstein
C/Capt Baughman
C/2d Lt Sierra Larson
C/CMSgt Harford
C/CMSgt Micah Larson
C/SMSgt Riley
C/MSgt Pressley
C/TSgt Otto

Good/Bad/Idea Lists and Cadet-SM Interactions Lists
Every member of the SOP team needs to upload a Cadet-SM Interaction list and a good/bad/idea list and begin DISSCUSSING on the appropriate pages on the Wikidot.

A vote on the approval of the By-Laws was made. The By-Laws were unanimously approved.

An announcement by C/Col Feinstein
C/Col Feinstein reminded everyone to DISSCUSS ON THE WIKIDOT.

New Top-Bar Menu Section
A new Top-Bar-Menu Section of the Wikidot was created with the title of "Seniors". This is simply a place for all of the links concerning senior members, but not a separate section of the SOP.

New SOP Team Member
A decision to bring C/CMSgt Wuerffel on to the team was unanimously approved.

Each OIC for a section will be assigned section members. The assignments are as follows
Harford: Micah Larson and Matt Logel
Flanagan: Morgan and Shannon Logel
Padleckas: Underwood
Riley: Pressley and Horner
Sierra Larson: Wuerffel and Otto
These section members will work with the section OIC when the time comes to compile all of the info.

C/SMSgt Riley made a motion to adjourn the meeting and C/2d Lt Larson seconded the motion

Meeting adjourned at 1541

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