The schedule is created by the C/XO and Admin. officer and must be approved by the encampment commander.

Were there any issues with the schedule?

Okay, people, lets get something on this page.

I would say one problem with the schedule was there was never enough time for transportation or for meals.
~C/2d Lt Larson

I didn't notice that. I felt that the we had enough time for meals. We had to rush, but we could always finish. I would say the largest shortcoming in the schedule was the serious lack of flt time, whether it be drill time, or time in the barracks.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

Yeah, well, you weren't looking at the schedule and having SMs tell you to get your flights through, they only had five minutes left to eat… We had too many activities, not enough time for basic needs (flight time, eating time, drilling time, etc.)
~C/2d Lt Larson

Next year, starting with day 2 at night, the flight will get 20 minutes of chill time, so the basics can gather thier "chi." I is not extra hygenie time or training time. The 1st element leader will be in charge of the flight and is responsible for making sure that everyone is in bed by lights out. At lights out, the line staff NCOs enter the barracks and turn off the lights.
C/Col Feinstein

Ok, lets keep staff meetings at 20 minutes max.

TACOs and Flight staff need to have a 10 minute meeting daily to discuss flight operations. Then the squadrons and support staff have thier own meetings. During this time, the c/exec staff meets with the SM exec staff. Then the entire cadet staff can meet for a quick follow up.

SMs needs to communicate any problems with cadet staff through thier channels so that the cadet chain of command can handle any issues, because SM constantly interfering is not effective.

The cadet staff should be able to anonymously air out problems with other staff so that we can all gel as a team and improve professionally. How can we do this?
C/Col Feinstein

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