We PT'ed by flight this year. Was this good? Were the PT plans used by flights?

My opinion is that the PT by flight was good, because the flight was for real only as good as the slowest member, but i also think the PT its self was kinda weak, yeah anyone that knows me knows I'm a PT junky, but for real, encampment should be something that is hard for the average cadet to pass, this to me wasn't the case this year. If someone wants me to run up a example PT section i will just let me know.
C/SMSgt. Toby Morgan

Go for it.
C/Col Feinstein

I agree with Morgan, yes pt comes easer to some than others, but some cadets just need some motivation. And seeing others who are good at pt, and seeing their short comings might be the motivation they need to go and do better in there squadrons. I know that’s one of the reasons I buckled down when I did, and started exercising regularly.
C/MSgt. Cameron Horner

I think having PT by flight was good because it was great for building esprit des corps in the flight. I didn't enjoy the running, but C/CMSgt Wuerffel (spelling?) really helped me out by just encouraging me, and pushing me to keep going .

C/TSgt Daniel Otto

PT was pretty weak in my opinion. What happened to PT being the 1st Sgt's job? That is one of the main job descriptions of the 1st Sgt in the staff handbook. We also should have done PT twice a day. I used to be a 1st Sgt so PT is very close to my heart. (-:

C/CMSgt Wuerffel

PT twice a day is not logistically possible. We should also administer a PT test to all basics at the beginning and end of the encampment to measure the improvement during the week. I would like to see the PT done as a flight, which allows the squadron staff to gain some valuable time with support staff and allows flights to compete within thier squadron.
C/Col Feinstein

I really like the idea of the PT test. It would give the flight staff knowledge of what there flight needs to work on, and can help during PT time in the mornings. which i think should be done as a flight, because it just seemed to run really smoothly, and that's coming from someone who was doing PT in a flight. At Burlington squadron when we try to do PT as a squadron, it can get kind of hectic.
C/MSgt Horner

I want the cadet executive staff to lead a warm-up and stretching. Plus, the encampment PT should incorporate the many advanced in workouts in the last five years, leading to less injuries. The PT booklet is a pamphlet, not a regulation, so we can work around it. This section should talk to me for more details.
C/Col Feinstein

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