Position Descriptions

In the SOP, there will be position descriptions for all jobs.

First Sergeant
By Sierra Larson:
1. If you are homsechooled/sheltered like me, be prepared for a lot of bad words
2. Never give up on your cadets, because as soon as you give up on them, they give up on themselves
3. Take as much flak as possible for your flight sergeants
4. Make sure you have NCO time with your flight sergeants every night to let them blow off steam and keep you up to date with what's going on in their flights
5. Just because you're 1st sgt doesn't mean you have to be a total jerk all the time to your basics
6. Be firm, but not evil
7. Be there for your basics when they need you
8. Write a couple awesome jodies about how great your squadron is and how awful the other one is, and teach them to your basics… they love them! (but be prepared to be chewed out by SMs)
9. Keep your basics on their toes, and yell at them when they need it, but keep an eye out for anything they are doing even partially right and make a big deal about it
10. Get as much sleep as humanely possible
11. Never let your basics think you could be anything less than the best (i.e. never act tired in front of them, never mess up or lose your cool in front of them, always have an answer for every question, never let them think you are weak in any way)
12. Remember, you are not only responsible for these basics for a week, but you are cloning your leadership style in them, therefore you are partially responsible for who they are the rest of their lives
13. And during the times you want to choke them (because everyone knows basics are the dumbest creatures on God's earth) remember you were a basic once *gasp*

I'm not sure where to put this. Should we have a section for basics to read before encampment?
C/TSgt Daniel Otto
1. Don't let all of the yelling bring down your self esteem. They're just trying to help you learn how to do something better
2. Don't spend too long on one particular task. If you get behind on what you're supposed to be doing, it's hard to catch up
3. Constantly be motivating the other members of your flight. It helps the flight stay motivated, but it also keeps you from focusing on how hard any particular task/activity really is
4. If you see one of your fellow flight members struggling, encourage them. Just let them know that you think they can do it
5. Avoid guessing someone's rank. Murphy's law says that you will always be wrong and get yelled at
6. Do not make a big deal out of where you sit on the van/bus. Your flight members will notice and resent you for it. This will hurt the flight's cohesiveness, and in turn, performance. Just move to the farthest back seat and get over it. You didn't come to Encampment to sit in the front seat

If basics weren't so dumb, they could see that 3 diamonds is a SIR, not a CHIEF!!!
C/Col Feinstein

I was referring to the occasions when staff had de-bloused due to heat and were not wearing ranks. One prominent example of this was in-processing. All staff had de-bloused due to heat, so unless they were outside and had their rank on their cover, it was impossible for basics to know how to address them.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

Yes, I can understand how it would be difficult to know the difference between a chief and a sergeant then. However, there were only two first sergeants and after the first day our faces should have been familiar (and the first sergeants didn't deblouse very often). Also, I was called "sir" too many times to count that week, and seeing how I'm a female, there is no excuse for that… ~ C/2d Lt Larson

Well could we fix that? I know that in the Marines, the cadre can wear covers inside while they are "motivating" (if anyone doesnt know what motivating means in USMC language, it means yelling).

Could we do that for encampment inprocessing and while we still yell at the basics every second we get? Then we don't wear our covers inside after basics are formally introduced to thier staff at the staff oath.
C/Col Feinstein

Oh yes, definitely! We are going inside and out so often anyway its a pain (for someone with a bun) to pull covers off only to put them back on two minutes later. Maybe we can also have all staff put ranks on covers? (so sergeants and chiefs and first sergeants would wear their ranks on their covers, as well as officers) I don't know how that would work, its just a suggestion. I know as a basic I had a lot of trouble getting ranks right because NCOs (and there were a lot of them) never wore their ranks on their covers, and we debloused very often. ~C/2d Lt Larson

The ranks on the covers are supposed to imitate the BDU cover, on which NCOs dont wear ranks. So that is out of the question.
And when you were a basic, there were actually many different types of ranks. This year was all Chiefs, one SMSgt and one Brown.
Other ideas?
C/Col Feinstein

Larson, I think you should cite me for many of the things you put in the 1st Sergeant position because of my little talk with you and Harford on SSD (:
-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

Huneycutt, if I cited everyone I learned from/was instructed by in relation to my list, the citation would be longer than the list itself. However, I do thank you for your help. :-)
~ C/2d Lt Larson

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