October 10

Encampment SOP Meeting #3
10 Oct 2009
Meeting began at 1508
The following members of the Encampment SOP team were present
C/Col Feinstein
C/Maj Baughman
C/CMSgt Wuerffel
C/SMSgt Riley
C/MSgt Pressley
C/MSgt Horner

Wish Kier a happy birthday if you haven’t done so already
C/2d Lt Huneycutt will be assigned as second in command of Encampment Training section

Creating the SOP
• Section OICs and Members gather discussions and make decisions on what will happen
• All final products must look/sound like a CAP regulation
• Look at NYWG Encampment guide in files section of http://encampmentsop.wikidot.com/october-10 (direct link- http://encampmentsop.wikidot.com/local--files/october-10/NYWG%20Summer%20Encampment%20Guide.pdf). Incorporate good ideas from that guide
• Encampment Personnel section must have position descriptions for all positions on encampment staff (remember that administrative officer now includes most of SET and there are Squadron XOs)
• Encampment Operations will have a Pass-in-Review guide how-to from Jay Thomas. The section must still have a preparatory paragraph for it.
• Other documents that need to be created must be created (like SSD brief, Encampment Commander’s Standing Orders, etc.)
• Remember to answer questions that were not answered in discussion
• Remember to look at cadet staff wikidot- http://ncwg2009encampment.wikidot.com/

Support Staff Plans Review Committee
A team will be made that reviews the support staff plans and recommends changes to them. C/SMSgt Riley volunteered to be apart. Still looking for more members and a OIC. Contact C/Col Feinstein if interested.

It is recommended to be ahead of all deadlines
Upload draft to main section page October 16 at 0800, receive feedback from C/Col Feinstein and C/Maj Baughman. This is a HARD DEADLINE, so we can bring draft documents to the wing conference.
Upload final chapter by October 23
C/Col Feinstein sends draft SOP to entire SOP team by October 26
Receive feedback from SOP team by November 2 and send to encampment cadet staff that day
Receive feedback from encampment cadet staff by November 9
Finish final SOP as soon as possible and present to wing staff

More Announcements
If the section OIC is not taking a lead on creating the chapters, section members should contact C/Col Feinstein
Keep discussing- just because we are writing the SOP doesn’t mean we can put up new things

Open Floor
C/SMSgt Riley asked how long the chapters need to be. C/Col Feinstein responded that it needs to be however long it needs to be, but stressed that each chapter needs to be comprehensive.

C/MSgt Horner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and C/Maj Baughman seconded the motion

Meeting adjourned at 1528

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