We did not have enough time for drilling. How can we make the CAP/military training more efficient?

Lots of activites are great but, they should be cut to an extent for time to drill. There were certain activites we could've still done, but could have cut some time off.
C/CMSgt Ian Underwood

I would say maybe drop the buses next year.. well not use them to go anywhere and everywhere…. and drop some of the activities like Underwood said.
It seemed to me that we spend about at least half the day getting food… maybe think about having the cadets eat MREs one or twice a week… and use the extra time on drill and PT.
C/SMSgt. Toby Morgan

The buses were needed because we could not drill across the busy and crowded roadways of Camp Lejeune. However, activities such as two O-Courses were not needed. Drill and training are paramount.

-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

We need fire drills on most nights.
C/Col Feinstein

We only need one fire drill. It just needs to be on the first night (Although we should mislead the cadets so they aren't prepared for something that you usually won't be prepared for), and we need to thoroughly explain why a fire drill was carried out and where exactly they need to go.
C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

Part of the safety brief is what to do in case of fire. Fire drills can be run on the night after day 0, day 1, day 3, and day 5. My basic encampment was in a WWII barracks that could have burned to the ground in about 2 minutes, so fire drills were very frequent.
C/Col Feinstein

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