List of Rules

Please add your ideas for encampment rules concerning the actions of SMs and cadet staff to the list below.
~C/2d Lt Larson

Make sure to divide this up by topic.
C/Col Feinstein

Must discuss SM-Cadet interactions and USMC-Cadet interactions.

  1. Tactical Officers must stay with their flights at all times, with these exceptions: while sleeping, while eating, and during flight free time.
  2. Rivalry jodies may be sung by cadets as long as they do not contain vulgar language.
  3. Jodies may be sung on bus rides.
  4. Cadet staff may command basics to sit at attention on bus rides.
  5. Cadet staff may yell at individual basics inside a flight as long as they are at least three paces away from the flight.
  6. Cadet staff may require basics to stand at parade rest in chow line.
  7. Cadet staff may turn off any and all televisions in chow hall while basics are eating.
  8. Cadet staff may require basics to move faster.
  9. Cadet staff may yell at individual basics during in-processing on Day 0.
  10. Cadet staff may stay up until 2230 hrs if necessary to complete their duties, and time after staff meetings and before 2230 shall be designated as their free time, to do with as they please without interference from senior members.
  11. Senior members may not cut in front of basics in chow line unless they are tactical officers eating with their flights, or have a signed permission slip from the encampment commander.
  12. Senior members shall not interfere with cadet staff. If they want to pass a message to cadet staff, they must go up the SM chain of command and down the cadet chain of command.
  13. Senior members shall not interfere with cadet staff. If they wish to pass a message onto cadet staff, unless they are a TACO talking to their flight staff, they must go up the SM chain of command and down the cadet chain of command.
  14. Senior members shall wear the Civil Air Patrol uniform properly.
  15. Senior members shall attend RST with cadet staff.
  16. Senior members shall not take naps unless the medic says they must.
  17. Senior members shall not interfere with cadet staff’s training of basics, unless it is a dire safety issue (dire, as in someone is about to get physically injured).
  18. Senior Members shall not assume the position of Flight Sergeant/ Flight Commander in the absence of the respective flight's staff members. If needed, the respective flight's first sergeant/ first element leader will assume the position of Flight Sergeant pro tempore.
  19. Senior Members shall have at least one pre-encampment uniform inspection, preferably during Staff Selection Weekend and/or Staff Training Weekend.
  20. Senior Members shall not interfere with the correction of a basic unless the basic will undergo physical or mental harm due to the correction.
  21. Cadet Staff shall push basics to work as hard as possible.
  22. Senior Members shall not interrupt training unless the flight/squadron will be late for another activity.
  23. Flights shall be given every oppurtunity to train their flights.
  24. Basics shall be given one to two oppurtunities to call home during the course of the week, but should not be allowed to call every night.
  25. Flights shall not be woken up early, this presents an unfair advantage.
  26. Cadet Staff shall train basics at every given oppurtunity.
  27. A flight's Tactical Officer is there only to moniter the safety of the flight, they shall not interfere unless the flights safety is about to be compromised.
  28. Basics shall be given oppurtunities to fix their uniforms during flight time.
  29. Basics shall take one shower per day.
  30. Flight PT should be composed of the same routine for all flights.
  31. Squadron PT shall be done once or twice during the course of encampment.
  32. Basics shall not bring any electronics, watches included.
  33. Basics may bring cameras.
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