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What do you think of having three squadrons- 2 basic CTS and 1 advanced CTSs (for C/MSgts and up)? Having three squadrons would increase the staff by 1 safet officer, 1 PAO, and 2 line staffers (if there are only 2 flights per squadron).

I noticed that some of the line staff was questionable when calling drill, whether wrong or not they questioned themselves. Also on the last day's parade while sitting in the stands I noticed that basically all flights were out of step or were not spaced correctly, there was one gap that was probably about 2 or 3 yards between flights, and another that was probably approaching 9 or 10 yards apart. Overall drill was decent but it was lacking in some major points such as spacing and cadence while marching and basics not knowing how to properly do a Dress Right Dress.
C/CMSgt Ian Underwood

I think the biggest reason here was that we had too many USMC activities which left little time to drill. Also, we needed to get a TAC to go with the flight if they wanted to go outside and drill during flight time. It should be changed to have less USMC activities and more drilling time (inclduing PiR practices).
C/Col Feinstein

I don't think there should be an advanced squadron. One of the major parts of encampment for a basic is building teamwork. One part of teamwork is the high-speed cadets helping out the lower speed cadets. Also, how would you evaluate honor Sq or Flight? Or even honor cadet?
—Chiefy Harford

I agree with Chief Harford. In military basic training, there is no such thing as "advanced recruits". Recruits are recruits, and our encampment is made both to train cadets with no experience and to help develop more experienced cadets into voluntary leaders when the time comes. In response to Col. Feinstein's comment, the lack of precision in drill stems from the lack of drill practice. Next year it is of the utmost importance that we set aside time each day to practice nothing but drill. Training comes first, activities come second.
-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

The only way i could see and that working is if you create a seperate flight for high cadets and while keeping them to higher standards not grade them with honor flight but, have specific training geared towards NCO's and Officers.
-C/CMSgt Ian Underwood

This is what NCO and Officer schools are for. Cadets need to be basically trained before learning how to hold leadership positions.
-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

I agree with Lt Huneycutt: keep grades of cadets mixed up in flights.
~C/2d Lt Larson

Underwood, if you want an NCO school to be feasible, it must be:

  • Adjacent to the encampment
  • Can not earn basics encampment credit since they are not being basically trained
  • Comprised of cadets who have already been trained. Since it is essentially an NCSA, they must have already attended and graduated from encampment
  • An entirely different SOP in order to plan it.

-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

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