Good/Bad/Idea List

From C/Col Feinstein:
So the first thing is to brainstorm for the SOP. I would like you each to, individually, make a list of what went well at encampment (and why), what went bad (and why), and your ideas for next year. These lists should be as comprehensive as possible. Also start thinking about specific documents/chapters that you would want in the SOP (we are definitely having a chapter on chow line, for instance). You should have these lists ready for the meeting on Saturday (see below).

Bad stuff:

1 SSD took too long
2 SMs in general
3 Problems with facilities
Only two buses available
Marines hadn't quite moved out yet
Staff (male) had to share one wing of the barracks with marine NCOs and officers
SMs took all the bottom bunks (and then went to bed early)
4 RST was not announced soon enough, therefore, several people couldn't attend
5 commo was sketchy
there was not enough before encampment
many people didn't communicate through email. The only way to get ahold of some people was by phone.
6 The whole "advisor to the cadet commander" thing. that was dumb.
7 staff didn't arrive soon enough on Friday. (C/Col Feinstein: there was nothing we could do, as the Marines had told us that was the earliest time. What we could do is meet at McDonald's 1 hour before the Marines will let us on base to discuss the day.)
8 Saturday morning definitely could have been better. (C/Col Feinstein: The SMs changed plans that day that they had already approved, which lead to the general confusion between the cadet staff and SMs.)
There wasn't enough communication to the staff what exactly was expected of them. There were a few instances on the bus where
a cadet staff member said something to the basics and then was told by a SM that he was wrong

Good Stuff:

The staff bonded very well. that's all I got for now.

—Chiefy Harford

Bad stuff:
-Our female barracks was next door to the female marines - we woke them up when flight staff would yell for us female basics to get up.
-Who started the rumor about "something in the water" was causing the sickness? Med staff should have cleared that up asap, basics were freaking out and not drinking enough water.
-TACOs did not stay with the flights.
-All the cramped bathroom situations probably spread the swine flu around.
-Another spread of sickness was cadets sharing their water when their canteens were empty.

Good stuff:
-The SMs that were good, were amazing. All of them should come back.
-Having time at night to be with your flight/do uniforms/hair/study/etc was the best thing to cool down and let your mind settle after the day.
-PT in the morning.
-Any sort of moral leadership/leadership sessions were great. Even more of those for next year.

That's all I have now, hopefully more to come later.
C/SMSgt Holly Riley

Good Things:

Staff bonded well for the most part.
-Yes, a Command Chief is more necessary when there are more NCO's to be overseen. However, despite the fact that there were only 8 other line staff NCO's at encampment, a CCF was still needed.

Bad Things:

-Little to no classroom instruction
-No time to practice drill
-No Separation of flights within barracks
-Marines sharing barracks with male staff (Uh-oh…)
-Air Force Liaison- Staff interaction (Hazing controversy?)
-Needs to be clearer definition of hazing. Correcting a single basic for an explicit problem is not hazing. Screaming at a single basic is. There is a difference that seemed to be overlooked and resulted in many problems at encampment.
-First Sergeants/ Command Chiefs are meant to be DISCIPLINARIANS, not Nazis. We should not be expected to make basic's lives hell just to increase the intimidation factor. This is what led to the hazing controversy, and thus the threat of several IMPORTANT staff members being removed from encampment.
-With that being said, TACO's should always be with their respective flights when not in the barracks. There were some tactical officers who unsatisfactorily performed their duties because they were never with their flights.
-Cadets need to be warned of the experience they are in for before arriving on base. 13 basics sent home is ridiculous. Injuries are acceptable, but the other several cadets being sent home because it is too stressful can not happen anymore.

More to come later

C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

13 basics sent home is a high amount. However, I believe that there should be a few cadets that go home each year. If there aren't, then it's probably a sign that the encampment isn't challenging enough. I don't think cadets should be warned of what they are in for; they should arrive without being given a heads-up as to whats coming, and then adapt their behavior and expectations to match the atmosphere of the encampment.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

I know this sounds cruel, but some basics NEEDED to go home. The ones that were sick, were too hurt to continue to be a normal member of the flight, "couldn't" wear their uniforms for one reason or another, or cried each night… They wore out staff because they needed so much additional attention, and they had a bad effect on other flight members and on flight morale. This year we simply had a bunch of cadets who showed up thinking the whole thing would be a summer camp, that everyone was there to make them happy, and that it wouldn't require effort on their part. They were wrong. When they found this out, they tried to manipulate staff to get their way. I agree that its bad we had 13 cadet who went home, but parents need to be warned that encampment requires effort, self discipline, and maturity. If a kid doesn't have this, he shouldn't go. Its not a "bootcamp" that will return bratty kids as respectful., mature individuals to their parents.
~C/2d Lt Larson

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