Flirting is never acceptable between anyone.

How do we handle a situation where one person at encampment is flirting with another?

Boy do I know some people who would get a kick out of this…
I think if a report comes in to a commander that a certain-someone is flirting with another someone, the first thing that should happen is to put the flirter under close observation. Maybe approach the flirtee and ask if the flirter was making them uncomfortable. Another important thing is to keep the issue under wraps. By the end of last year's encampment I think every staff member and even every basic at encampment knew of a certain issue with a certain someone. Keep it between the parties involved and only the parties involved. Spreading rumors like that is a bad sign of character.
Just my two cents. ~C/Capt Baughman

First off, flirting is a natural human behavior that everyone takes part in. However, there is a time and place for it, and encampment is not one of those places. There needs to be a strict sense of professionalism upheld at all times, and this should be stressed to every potential staff member before staff selection, during staff training, and before encampment.

-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt

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