Female Flight Squadron

Did the female flight work? Could we do a female squadron next year (if we get enough female basics)?

Provided we have multiple female flight sergeants and commanders, I think it would be best if there were multiple flights of both males and females. Not to be sexist, but having an all female flight was hardly fair this last year. From observation, it's much easier to motivate a group of females to achieve a common objective than a bunch of males. Especially males of the perfect age range where they all want to feel dominant and in control and are much more wild/untamed. Provided you have one male and one female for flight commander/sergeant, it doesn't appear to be to be a problem to have a co-ed flight. There are a couple potential problems I can see, but they can be easily worked around. ~C/Capt Baughman

I would have to say that, despite the outstanding success of the female flight, I still favor co-ed flights. Especially since we had female flight staff of solely male flights, which made it difficult for those staff to do anything with their flights in the barracks, thus handicapping their flights. Also, I believe that having males and females in the same flight balances the flight out. When you have girls (who are motivated one way) working with guys (who are motivated another way) there is overall better success. That is my opinion. ~C/2d Lt Larson

Well here is where I come from it. When I was a flight sergeant in 2006 (year of the strugs), I would constantly have to chase down the two females I was reposnsible for whenever we moved. Also, we could run into the problem of SMs not letting males into the female bay and vice versa, so then the co-ed flight would be perpetually broken in half while in the barracks. You never know what a SM will do next.
C/Col Feinstien

Yes, well this year we had enough female staff to do co-ed flights. Instead, we had females in charge of male-only flights, who ran into the same problem you did in 2006 (SMs, and not being allowed in male barracks) So co-ed flights would only work if one flt staff was male, and the other was female. ~ C/2d Lt Larson

This is why we should have a female squadron.
C/Col Feinstein

I must say for my first Encampment in 2007, a co-ed flight worked exceptionally well, since we had a male flt/sgt and a female flt/commander, but we ran into seperation problems when it came to barracks during flight time, although we were able to have everyone in one barracks for classes.

C/CMSgt Ian Underwood

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