Executive Staff

The executive staff is the C/CC, C/CD, the C/XO, and the C/CCF.

Was the executive staff good? How could they work better?

The executive staff did a great job. A couple things: The Command Chief (and 1st Sgt) needs to have a perfect uniform. They are the ones that the basics look up to. When their uniforms suck they loose respect. They also need to be, for lack of a better word, mean. Hatred in the eyes, seldomly acknowledge basics, and yell at the basics a lot. Chief Harford did a great job at this.

C/CMSgt Wuerffel

Cadet Wuerffel-

Yes, the uniform is paramount, but this goes for every cadet on staff, not just the Exec Staff. Also, the malicious behavior towards basics this year was a reoccurring problem in the eyes of the Air Force Liaison. While it would be ideal for staff members to have the freedom to fly off the handle at any given basic at any given time, it is not why staff is there. Discipline is key; animus is not. The Command Chief is there for the discipline of his/her flight staff, not the basics (Unless the situation calls for it).

-C/2d Lt. Huneycutt (2009 Encampment Command Chief)

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