Encampment Training

Section OIC: C/Maj Nick Padleckas
Section Members: C/2d Lt Taylor Huneycutt C/CMSgt Ian Underwood

Was the encampment training effective? Why did we have so many USMC activities, leaving us no time for flight time? What things need to be taught at the wing level, the squadron level, and at the flight level?

Who used element leaders? Is this something we should require for each flight?

Absolutely its something you should require. Choosing element leaders is a way for the flight Srg. and the flight commander to get on a more personal level with their flight, and a great way for praise to be given to those who deserve it. This will boost the morale of the flight and will result in esprit dé corps. C/MSgt. Cameron Horner

Also, choosing element leaders relieves some of the stress from the often-stressed-out flight sergeants. If the element leaders are wisely chosen, they will become mini-flight sergeants, taking care of the basics in their element in a dedicated and professional manner. They will lead in drill. They will be able to answer questions the flight staff shouldn't be bothered with. They will be able to help make sure barracks are inspection ready by checking the bunks and lockers of their element. They can spot-check their element's uniforms before inspection. They can lead their element in OI memorization. They can boost morale, lead in jodies, and help train new basics in drill maneuvers. They can be cadets the flight staff can rely on - not equal with staff, but higher than other basics. (I was an element leader my basic encampment) If an element leader is not doing his/her job, they should be replaced by a more capable basic. Element leaders are essential, and should be required. ~ C/2d Lt Larson

Who were the element leaders this year? C/Col Feinstein

My flight had element leaders, but only because that was our position in formation. We (I was one) were not used as we could have been, and I think if we had been, it would have helped take a little responsibility off of our flight sergeant, and let the element leaders have/learn a little more responsibility.

C/TSgt Daniel Otto

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