Encampment Operations

Section OIC: C/2d Lt Sierra Larson
Section Members: C/CMSgt Nathan Wuerffel and C/TSgt Daniel Otto

This section coveres the routine operations during encampment. How do we make things go faster and how do we make them more effective?

Speed, volume, and intensity.

Ideas from C/Col Feinstein:

  • Colored tape was very helpful to the flight staff
  • SET needs to gain an idea of the barracks situation to create standards
  • Create a set of standing orders between the Encampment Commander and Cadet Commander that will be used for routine operations (like movement through chow, shower time, etc.)
  • Practice pass-in-review daily; obtain a video to show basics
    • Get a copy of the “translated” drill manual for pass-in-review before encampment
  • More drilling time and more classes
  • Less marine activities- only one or two per day
  • Cadet staff meetings need to be shorter- 15 minutes maximum
  • Move faster through the chow line
  • Allow flights to rotate being in vans or being on the bus
  • Attend reveille and retreat
  • Play reveille and taps audio recordings
  • Serve three meals on Sunday (obtain fast food)
  • More water jugs (possibly secure clean, disease-free water)
  • Announce orders of the day in Hebrew, again
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