Cadet Staff General


You know you staffed the '09 NC wing encampment if…

1. You spend an unprecedented time on wikidot posting random facts

2. You participated in a language war on this same website

3. You have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail at least once

4. You have memorized the average velocity of an unlaiden swallow

5. You spent way to much money buying supplies for your position

6. You keep hearing about how Kier and Seaman licked a drunk marine who was causing trouble

7. During inprocessing, you made sure that all the nice staff and SMs were at the front gate to greet the parents

8. You go hoarse yelling at the basics trying to intimidate them and then Maj. Kier walks up and scares the cadets to death by whispering

9. You have learned to look both ways before yelling at a basic

10. You made sure that you sat in the back of the auditorium so that the cadets didn't see you nod off

12. You are fluent in the phonetic alphabet….operation Sierra Bravo, Sierra Mike, Hotel Oscar, Sierra Papa, Juliet Oscar Oscar, etc

13. You sang jodies on the bus rides 'till you were hoarse

14. You shined your boots after the basics were in bed, and although the boys had to go to bed when the SMs came out, the girls hid in the head to finish their work

15. You tried to mess with the basics heads by giving the orders in Hebrew

16. you also gave them the creeps by comming into their barracks at 0500 in the morning with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders due to the cold AC

17. You were very carefull not to drink from the accursed water fountains

18.You gathered for a prayer every morning at 0450

19. You knew it was one of the best encampments yet when you heard that 14 basics had gone home

20.You got the Sluderdahmswalkerfaulkstillethuneycuttzobelthomasitis sometime during the week

21. You were dubbed a member of the Iron Cadre

22. You were an NCO/ Seaman who almost got kicked out for being CAP Nazis

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