By Laws

By-Laws of the Encampment SOP Team


  1. Membership is open to any member of the cadet staff of the 2009 NC-NATCAP Summer Encampment.
  2. Other persons of note may be invited by any member, to be approved by the team by a simple majority at the next meeting.


  1. Meetings are held during the weekend over Skype. A microphone is not required.
  2. Team members must make every attempt to attend the meetings. If you cannot attend, notify C/Col Feinstein as soon as possible.
  3. Decisions made at the meetings are binding for the whole team, regardless of how many members are in attendance.
  4. Not attending a meeting forfeits your right to vote on matters discussed at that meeting.

Chain of Command

  1. The Commanding Officer (CO), C/Col Feinstein, is in command of the project.
  2. The Executive Officer (XO), C/Capt Baughman, is second-in-command of the project and will take over C/Col Feinstein’s duties if deemed necessary.
  3. The SOP team executive staff is the CO and XO.
  4. Section OICs report directly to C/Col Feinstein.
  5. If the team grows such that we can instate deputy leaders within the sections, we will do so. Alternatively, other positions may be created to be approved by the CO and XO.


  1. The SOP team will be discussing topics on the wikidot through October 2009 at the very earliest.
  2. After the discussion period is deemed over, each section OIC will compile the discussion in his or her section and submit it to be a part of the SOP.
  3. These sections will be fine tuned by the SOP executive staff and then released to the entire SOP team for final review.
  4. Once the final review is complete, the entire SOP will be sent out to the 2009 cadet staff for additional comments.
  5. Once the comments are received, the SOP will be edited accordingly and then a presentation will be made at the next NCWG staff meeting, if we can be slotted in by the NCWG/CS or other staff member.


  1. We will try to pick a date to present the final SOP to the NCWG staff that is convenient for the most amount of people. We will try for the NCWG staff meeting in December or January.
  2. C/Lt Col Flanagan may present the final SOP to the NATCAPWG staff at his discretion but must let the rest of the SOP team know of the presentation date, time, and location.

This section only applies if the SOP is approved by a wing command staff.

  1. The SOP is intended for the successive encampments nation-wide. Feel free to spread the final copy around to any CAP member.
  2. It is the duty of all of the SOP team members to ensure that the SOP is used at all NC-NATCAP encampments.


  1. Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed by any member of the team at a meeting. The amendment must be passed with a 2/3 majority of the team members in attendance.
  2. An amendment cannot be voted on in a meeting with only two members in attendance.
  3. The CO or XO may make minor changes to the by-laws at their discretion, but must inform the entire team within 24 hours by e-mail. These changes include increasing the clarity of the by-laws and other administrative changes. These minor changes may be repealed by a simple majority vote at the next meeting.

C/Col Barry Feinstein

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