If a flight is in the vans, they need to rotate into the bus daily.

Support staff assigned to a squadron ride on that squadron's bus. The squadron commander is responsible for them.
Ian Underwood

If at all possible I belive we should also use buses at the lowest possible minimum, I realize due to the distances involved at Camp Lejeune, buses are needed, but we should keep use to a minimum in my opinion.

If we use buses less, I think there should be more OI study time. Bus rides were by far the best time to study OI's.
C/SMSgt Holly Riley

I felt like my flight was two flights because we rode in two vans and it was always the same cadets in each van. This meant we had virtually no time to practice jodies away from the other flights, and it made it almost impossible to feel like one unified flight. I'm not sure how to fix this.
C/TSgt Daniel Otto

maybe, but the more we road in the buses the less we marched…. thats just me because i was good on the OI because i had 3 hours of study time being the first cadet in barracks!!
C/SMSgt Toby Morgan

So, what we have now, is that

  • Buses should be used as little as possible
  • Flights who get to ride the bus should switch daily

Anything else?
~C/2d Lt Larson

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