Basic's Perspective

Section OIC: C/SMSgt Holly Riley
Section Members: C/MSgt Jimmy Pressley and C/MSgt Cameron Horner

"Basics are the dumbest of God's creatures." -Major Kier

The good news about being a basic is you're not actually required to be incredibly smart - just not dumb.
What does being "not dumb" involve? Mostly, just following what's in your OI and what your Flight Sgt/Commander tells you.
I don't think a lot of basics really understood that they were supposed to just read their OI and do what it told them. Everybody sort of freaked out at first, thinking it was more complicated than that.
Or, they thought it was going to be easy and they could just stand around and do whatever they felt like doing. So stressing that there were going to be high but realistic expectations even more, might be better.

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