This is the wikidot where the NCWG-NATCAP Encampment SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will discuss ideas and post documents to be included in the SOP.

The SOP is being created by the following team

  • C/Col Barry Feinstein- Commanding Officer
  • C/Maj Zachary Baughman- Executive Officer
  • C/1st Lt Sierra Larson
  • C/2d Lt Matthew Harford
  • C/2d Lt Taylor Huneycutt
  • C/2d Lt Ian Underwood
  • C/CMSgt Daniel Otto
  • C/CMSgt Cameron Horner
  • C/SMSgt Jimmy Pressley
  • C/SMSgt Holly Riley
  • C/SMSgt Jordan Crawford
  • Lt Zachariah Kier
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